Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Canada And Abortion Protest

Let's just be honest: it's lame. Granted, it is school property, but I think the school could have found another solution.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates joined the silent day on Tuesday wearing red tape on their mouths or red armbands to protest the millions of abortions that take place in Canada and the United States. Rankin joined them by wearing red tape and preparing to pass out a flier to anyone who asked her why she would remain silent throughout the school day. Instead, a school principal alerted police and met Rankin and her mother at the entrance where she told them that the protest is not welcome at the school. Ultimately, school officials allowed Rankin into the building but kept her in isolation away from other students.

School principal Pat Cavan told the Examiner that the protest violated school policy. "School property is not a public place," Cavan said. "So while absolutely we support the right to free speech in a public space, that's not school property." Cavan said she told Rankin about how she could not participate in the protest days in advance and Rankin was the only student to show interest after school officials stopped her and her friends last year.

- Steven Ertelt, Editor, "Pro-Life Canadian Student Placed in Isolation for Joining Abortion Awareness Day," October 21, 2009

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