Saturday, October 24, 2009

On European Secularism and Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI thinks Europe needs to wake up from their godless slumber. Maybe America can take a page from his play book.
From Day One, countering Europe's supposed slide into a godless secularism has been high on Benedict's agenda. Recently, that defense of the church's values has been looking almost like a counteroffensive. On Oct. 17 in Spain, the traditionally Catholic right turned out perhaps as many as 1 million people in the streets of Madrid to oppose plans by the country's center-left government to loosen abortion laws (allowing 16-year-old females, for example, to terminate their pregnancies without parental consent). And on Tuesday, in a Vatican meeting with the new European Union envoy to the Holy See, Benedict chided those who deny the "Christian roots" of Europe. Said the Pope: "Europe will not truly be herself if she cannot keep the originality that made her great. When the church reminds Europe of its Christian roots, it is not looking for special status, [but] recalling the fact that the founding fathers of the European Union were inspired by Christianity."
- Jeff Israely, "The Pope to Unhappy Anglicans: Come On In!" in Time, October 20, 2009.,8599,1931193,00.html

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