Friday, February 26, 2010

On Anime, Depravity, And Darkness

This past week, I have been watching the Anime Tokyo Majin Gakuen. My youth watch it, and I wanted to see what exactly was influencing them. Needless to say, it is demonic and full of divination, so I am not too thrilled they watch it. With that said, there are themes of sin, death, atonement, salvation, resurrection, redemption, love and even the need for a savior. Sadly it's wholly deficient and distorted without revelation of Jesus. The anime struggles with the human condition (mixed with themes of divination). Although it's not like reading Nietzsche or Dostoyevsky where a sin wrought, depraved humanity drips off the page in honest fashion, there is still something to learn. So what is seen when one goes below and within and observes the human heart? There is a telling monologue in episode 13:

"That man said to me, 'to exact your revenge you will need a mighty power. A power to violate or obliterate the laws of this world and change it forever.' He told me I could obtain that power if i was willing to sacrifice. I would have to abandon my human heart. What heart? I don't need any human heart? What good is it? I abandoned it a long time ago. A human heart -what is a human heart? What a useless organ -much more trouble than it's worth. What did the human heart ever do for me? What did the human heart ever do for my mother. Those people, those miserable pigs don't deserve to live -so why don't you kill them? There is nothing stopping you. I have been chosen -I don't have to worry about those swine anymore. Destroy them... do them in.... end their lives... MURDER every last one. And then.... become a demon. I'll show you once and for all why we call it the dark arts."

- Tendo Kozunu, Episode 13, Toyko Majin Gakuen Kenpucho

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