Monday, April 19, 2010

On Reality, Relationships, And Technology

I was watching the movie Up In The Air and the movie has many profound messages about our society and the current trends concerning the substance of relationships in a technology age. People no longer are face-to-face and even when a video can project your face -it isn't the same as it loses a sense of dignity and reality that exists when one is present. Moreover, the film challenges serious questions as to what really constitutes a relationships of substance. Here are some profound quotes:

Alex: Pricks are spontaneous unpredictable and fun and then we are surprised when we find out they're pricks

Natalie: I just don't want to settle

Alex: You're young; right now you see settling as some as some sort of failure

Natalie: It is, by definition

Alex: But by the time you are old enough for it to be right for you it won't feel like settling and the only person to judge you is the 23 year old girl with the target on your back

Alex: I thought our relationship was perfectly clear. You are an escape; you're a break from our normal lives; you are a parenthesis

- Up In The Air (2009)

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