Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On Husserl, Phenomenology, Descartes, And Augustine

When discussing Descartes and Phenomenology in his Cartesian Meditations Husserl quotes St. Augustine stating:
"Noli foras ire, in te redi in interiore homine habitat veritas."
(Do not wish to go out; go back into yourself. Truth dwells in the inner man)
- St. Augustine, De Vera Religione, 39 n. 72.


Baptist Theology said...

What wide reading you have! Augustine, again, shines through...

Mark Austin said...

Dr. Yarnell,

I wish I could say wide reading was equitable to good reading. As I read Husserl, I find comfort only in knowing that Husserl read Augustine. Often, however, Husserl and his contemporary Heidegger habitually enjoyed appropriating their sources -wrongly. Here is yet another example of the important (and often forgotten) axiom you passed on to me in class: "philosophia est ancilla theologiae."

By the way, I was talking with some of the undergrads yesterday. Apparently, you made a guest appearance from your normal graduate level teaching to teach on the trinity. Albeit an unfortunate circumstance, your presence was well received and greatly appreciated -so I hear.